“A writer can do nothing for men more necessary, satisfying, than just simply to reveal to them the infinite possibilities of their own souls.”
—Walt Whitman

With over a decade of writing experience under her belt, Bruna has penned nearly 10,000 articles varying from entertainment journalism, biographical writing, ghost-writing, interview pieces, editorial and op-eds. She currently holds a dating column with Playboy, maintains her post as Editor-in-Chief of The Problem With Dating & recently released her debut book Let That Shit Go: A Journey to Forgiveness, Healing & Understanding Love.




Let That Shit Go: A Journey to Forgiveness, Healing & Understanding Love


Let That Shit Go is a compilation of true stories detailing intimate relationships with various men in order to illustrate the ongoing lessons that continued to arise, but were conveniently ignored. In her usual conversational-yet-introspective tone, author Bruna Nessif will make you laugh, cry and reflect as she takes you on a very personal voyage where she recalls some of her most traumatic, heartwarming, embarrassing and monumental memories from her love life through transparent and vulnerable story-telling. You will finish this book with a new lens on love and self-worth, as well as the tools to begin your own journey to healing by letting shit go.




“Simply put, Bruna Nessif is the most hilarious romance writer of our time. Her book, Let That Shit Go, is LA’s answer to Sex in the City. If there is a more entertaining author out there, I haven’t found her. Following Bruna as she stumbles through relationship after relationship in nude heels and and mini skirts, her prose will leave you feeling that no breakup pain is permanent, and no taco is worth passing up. Rather than crumble under the pressure of failed attempts at romance, Bruna shines a light on her darkest tinder-swiping moments to illuminate the hidden lessons of love. Like a modern day love guru, Bruna takes readers on an passion-filled adventure through the crazy LA dating scene to show you that true love is not just rare—it’s everywhere.”
—Zachary Stockdale


“This was an awesome read! Author Bruna Nessif takes you on an amazing journey of self-discovery while navigating through the complicated world of dating and relationships. This deeply personal series of stories chronicles each of her relationships and what she learned from each one. Using her signature wit and humor, she dives into each one, holding nothing back. The result is a poignant, sometimes hilarious, oftentimes heart-wrenching and completely relatable telling of what dating and relationships in the modern world looks like. She leaves the writer wanting more! I couldn’t put this down, and for good reason! Highly recommend!”
—Karina Contreras


“This is a hard one to put down. I didn’t plan on finishing this book in a night, but a few hours after starting I was closing the back cover. Bruna has done a fantastic job balancing the story of her own personal experiences with lessons & advice we can all relate to. You will cheer, cry, have your heart shattered, and be inspired throughout the journey this book takes you on. I will be sharing this book with many people in my life.”
—Charlie Blair


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