“Bruna has been a powerful coach for me during a complex decision-making time in my life. She asked the right questions to support my instinct and has helped me get to some very interesting decisions. She also helped me to focus and prioritize with precision and was able to shine a light on my ’shy’ intuition (which is not so ‘shy’ anymore). I have an improved way of observing situations, thus allowing me to find creative and meaningful solutions. I feel like I am an improved global leader today because of the coaching work I have been able to do with Bruna.”
—Jags Burhm

“Bruna Nessif is an insightful, caring, honest and dedicated individual who brings these wonderful traits into her practice of coaching. I believe that anyone who is coached by her will always come away richer from the experience. I highly recommend her.”
—Bola Shasanmi

“I’ve known Bruna for years and I cannot think of a more driven, determined, hardworking, and helpful individual. She’s amazingly gifted and has shown compassion through her writing and teaching about one of life’s most difficult journeys—relationships. If ever you need someone or a word of advice, Bruna is the go to!”
—Anissa Guerrero

“Bruna’s ELI Assessment was an incredibly powerful journey and a great launchpad for our work together. Through a series of energetic motivation responses, you are able to learn more about yourself, your personal motivations and the world you create. The ELI process is powerful in ways beyond self-discovery, it invigorates you with clear opportunity-thinking for future successes to come! Her ability to understand people's core motivations and insights into key areas of development make you feel as if the world is truly your oyster.”
—Melissa Anderson

“I have had the privilege of knowing Bruna more than a decade now; there are simply not enough words to adequately describe this brilliant and naturally charismatic woman. Beyond a wisdom that far exceeds her age, Bruna is exceptionally talented, ambitious, and possesses an immensely empowering independence. She is honest, bold and relatable; to know her is to adore her. I truly think I speak for anyone who knows her intimately by saying we are proudly watching her make her mark on the world.”
—Alex Pons

“Bruna is a deeply intuitive coach who helped me better understand my behavior and my ability to consciously change it. Her work with me on the ELI Assessment brought clarity as well as a providing me a tangible tool from which I can continue to learn and grow. Thank you Bruna for your fantastic (spot-on) insights!”
—Amy Kan