Are You Ready to Start Living?


Hi friend,

I’m so grateful that you found your way here. I don’t know what piqued your interest—whether you became acquainted with my writing or just heard about a girl named Bruna and wondered what she’s about. Either way, why you decided to come here doesn’t matter as much as the fact that you’re here.

I often wince at the, “So what do you do?” question, because the truth is I do a lot of things. I write, speak and coach, as you probably already know. I also love design, photography, dancing, yoga, hiking, meditation, spiritual practice…I’m passionately curious. And that has led me on a very fulfilling journey.

At the end of the day, I’m a very simple woman who values her peace. I push myself to see if I’ve reached my limit when it comes to my potential. I go within a lot, because I know that’s the root of everything that I experience outside of myself. I’ve ugly cried more than I can begin to explain, but I’ve also gained insight that some don’t reach until their death bed.

That part. That astounds me.

Why do we wait until our last moments to see life for what it is? Why do we wait until our last moments to repent, to apologize, to become fearless, to love, to live?

Why do we wait when we can begin now?

I don’t know that I can change the world, and I don’t intend to. But I know I can change myself, because I have—time and time again. And maybe, just maybe, if I lead by example, I can inspire others to begin living their lives before it’s too late.

I appreciate you being here, and taking the time to read this.

Until next time,